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What to expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be awkward. we hope the awkwardness disappears quickly at Faith.

We believe that God has given the church weekly worship to come together to hear and take hold of the Good News of Jesus again and again and again. We desire to use this brief hour and 15 minutes to worship God not according to our own inventions, but according to His own delight as expressed in His Bible.

As sinners in need of grace come to worship, we believe this can be done in a way that is both reverent and winsome.


For starters

We share our facility with another church that meets in the evening. When you enter, a greeter will hand you a copy of the Worship Bulletin in which you will find all of the words and music for the worship service, as well as general information about our church.


What is your worship service like?

Our worship service opens with a short time of announcements, followed by a silent time to prepare our hearts. The service opens with our worship leader reading one of the many invitations to worship found in the Bible. We like to sing together, so every worship service includes different kinds of hymns with musical accompaniment spaced throughout the service.

With every worship service, there are many prayers: we appeal to God to help us worship Him, we confess sin, we request for Him to meet our needs, to help us use our offerings properly, for the Holy Spirit to help the sermon work in our hearts.

With every worship service we read from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. We read words that remind us of our sinfulness. We read words that reassure us of Christ’s work on the cross for God’s children. Our worship service ends with a benediction (a blessing) from the Bible, and we go out into the new week by singing a short doxology (praise) together.


How long is the worship service?

Our pastor leads the service and usually preaches between 30 and 40 minutes. You can sample some of his sermons here. Our services end at 12:15 pm.


Is there a nursery for my children?

During the worship service, we provide a safe, supervised place for infants and children through age 4. However, we encourage you to bring your children into the worship service. We realize that this is not always convenient (See children in worship).


Is there Sunday morning educational program?

Yes, our childhood, youth, and adult Sunday school begins at 9:30 am during the Fall and Spring.