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Songs for Saplings in Anchorage!

May 10 2017
May 10 2017


You are cordially invited to a morning of music and fun, Saturday, May 20.

You must be familiar with the ministry of Songs for Saplings! Several years ago this ministry came to Anchorage as special guests of Faith to host a mini-concert for children. Churches around the country love hearing their children singing the sound teaching of the gospel.

Founded by musician Dana Dirksen, Songs for Saplings offers children professionally-produced music that communicates rich biblical theology. Parents and children can sing this music in church and at home, and the words become memorized expressions of biblical truth to be extended to their friends

Since the last time Songs for Saplings has been in Anchorage, they have partnered with The Gospel Coalition to extend their reach into the local church in America and Canada, but also to reach international audiences that include established churches, church plants, and large audiences of unevangelized people in countries where singing is an important part of life.

To most cultures around the world, singing and childhood education are united. Songs for Saplings has begun a ministry of music translation and distribution so that churches, organizations and missionaries (in ten languages) have free access to biblical music that clearly communicates the Gospel to children, as well as adults.

Dana Dirksen and Songs for Saplings would like to meet you on Saturday, May 20, at Anchorage Grace Church, from 10:30am to noon. Plan for a light breakfast and an opportunity to hear music, to receive free resources for your church & family, and to hear news from this ministry. Please spread the word!

So, who should come?

  • Those with a heart for the ministry of Christian education to the children of your church.
  • Church leaders interested in foreign missions who want to help numerous churches, organizations and missionaries reach the children in their context with God's Word.
  • And children who love singing Songs for Saplings music, want to sing more, and want to meet Dana!

Please make time to receive and support this gospel-rich ministry to children.

Would you like to do even more for Songs for Saplings?

If you would like to hear how you can support Songs for Saplings in other ways, Dana and Adam, the General Manager, would love to visit with during their stay in Anchorage. Give Adam an email at adam@songsforsaplings.com.


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