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What's in a logo?

February 24 2018
February 24 2018

For many years our church used as its logo a simply, capital "F" font (for the font-nerd, it came from the "Rose Caps" family, designed by Altsys, then purchased by Macromedia, then purchased by Adobe). Our free "Rose Caps" logo worked just fine. It also looked good hanging outside the Fox Hollow Golf Chalet, where we used to meet for worship.

With our move into the South Plaza Building we introduced the current logo. We asked Zane Ogle over at Wilford Mynah to recreate the aesthetic of the old logo, while personalizing it. Zane did a great job embedding elements of the Faith Pres story into the logo.


Think of the logo of our church is an emblem engraved into a building's foundation, or an ornate woodcut made into a door, or a bronze signet pressed into a wax seal. The message of Christ is never-changing and, therefore, thorougly modern, relevant, up-to-date ... applicable. But it is also ancient, never becoming so up-to-date that it loses the ornamentation of bygone days. The gospel's place in history is connected to a rich body of Christians who have believed the message long, long before us. It is both contemporary and richly historic, modern and ancient.


Even despite the detailed artistry and ornamentation, we are still a simple church. A member of Faith is surrounded by a diverse collection of other believers. But even as a congregation, we are but a single congregation surrounded by thousands of other congregations in Anchorage and worldwide, in the present and in the history of the church.One congregation among many. We are a single letter among many others left for those who wander by and notice that somebody has been here. We are not a congregation of neon and fireworks and commercials but, by God's grace, neither are we invisible.


The background of our logo is crowded with forget-me-nots, the flower of our Great State. These flowers are maturing and blooming, straining and pushing, overcoming and thriving. Our church is a place where worship and preaching, equipping and prayer, means by which the Holy Spirit plants the gospel in us, taking root, and maturing us against all circumstances. This biblical imagery reminds us that it is not man who gives growth, but God's great grace (1 Cor. 3.7).


Our city is, by name and function, an anchorage where materials and people are received and then dispersed throughout our state. We are honored to be a church in such a place as this. Yet an anchor is also a scriptural picture of the state of the Christian's soul, firmly anchored to the hope of a promise-keeping and always-faithful God (Heb. 6.19). It is His precious faithfulness (not our intellect or ethic) that is the enduring basis of our confident assurance in His perfect plan of redemption.


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