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Global Theological Training

Julian Zugg is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and currently serves as the International English Director for Miami International Seminary (MINTS).

Julian was born in England and raised in South Africa and Europe. He was converted as a high school student and was trained as a trial lawyer. While teaching law at the University of Buckingham (UK), he was active in two churches in England and involved in Eastern European missions. Julian attended Reformed Theological Seminary and, after receiving an M.Div. and becoming ordained in the PCA, served in pastoral ministry in Texas. After serving as the Director of Theology at the Belize Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a joint project between MINTS and Mission to the World (MTW), Julian joined MINTS full-time to engage theological training worldwide.

The goal of MINTS is to provide low-cost Reformed, biblical training for ministers working all over the world. Faith Presbyterian Church is very happy to be associated with a ministry like MINTS, which partners with other notable theological training ministries like Third Millennium MinistriesLigonier, and Langham Partnership International.

Using Houston, Texas, as a hub, Jullian founds and supports diverse "training centers" for theological training located in Europe, Central Asia, Africa, India, and the Caribbean. These centers serve as points of theological training for indigenous ministers who would not otherwise be able to leave their field of ministry to receive this kind of specialized training. Some centers are host to as many as 40 ministers meeting to study and take classes. Julian helps these centers by writing curriculum, preparing teaching materials, assisting in face-to-face teaching, and mentoring D.Min. (Doctoral of Ministry) students as they prepare resources to be used by the various "training centers."

Julian says,

"We have many people asking us to provide low cost, accessible Bible teaching throughout the world. This includes ministers in existing churches, men who are already leading churches but have no training. They are aware of their lack of training and are asking for our help so they can be faithful and effective in their work. They cannot afford, and don't have access to, traditional methods. It is really exciting and humbling to be involved in this work."

MINTS is able to provide pastors in remote areas with solid biblical and theological training in a flexible and accessible manner that costs far less than it would to train one man in the United States.