Faith Facility Vision

February 22 2017
February 22 2017


At the end of the summer, the elders and deacons of Faith gathered together for a few hours to consider the challenge that awaits our church in November 2019. This is when our current lease in the South Plaza building expires. Even though we have no reason to believe that the owners of the building will not agree to a new lease, it seemed wise to gather together and learn from one another what kind of vision each of us have with regards to our future building needs. The following is summary of several easel pad notes over the course of our workshop.

As we met, all who were in attendance agreed that a building is only a tool, a tool to be used by God to extend His own purposes. A facility is never a church’s core. All of us spoke our minds in terms of how we see a church building helping us to meet the vision needs of our church, and not just in terms of being a "Reformed voice in Alaska;” our time was organized around our five vision headings of worship, holiness, equipping, service, and engagement.

We were pleased to find a consensus among us that our vision is very suited to the ownership of our own building. In terms of what this building might look like, we agree that sanctuary space conducive to reverent worship is very important. We would like to see a dedicated space that has height, brightness, and reverent aesthetics, with a separate space for our choir and piano. We would like this sanctuary to seat 350 Sunday morning worshippers, but also be able to seat 400 for special events. We also agree that our multi-generational discipleship needs are best met by classrooms and meeting spaces for all ages, including a spacious nursery and space for our jr. high and high school students to gather. To continue our connections through fellowship, we would also like multi-purpose space for sharing meals, including a well-equipped kitchen. Finally, we agreed that conference and office space is important for weekday activities. We also talked about ways in which such a facility could be used by others in our city and community, such as weddings and a small day-school.

We shared facility-related items that were important, and unimportant, to each of us. While we all agree that owning such a facility would be more desirable than renting, we learned that we do not have a strong consensus between buying or building. We considered the positives and negatives of each option, including the challenges to our congregation.

Again, the goal of our workshop was not to generate a concrete facility plan. Our desire was to listen to and share with one another. Everyone was able to share the kind of building that they imagine would mesh well with the Faith vision. There is a wonderful consensus among us regarding the main elements above, and peaceable diversity with regards to minor differences of opinion. Each of us are grateful for the unity and cameraderie among us, and are encouraged to walk together in harmony, even as we anticipate November 2019.

As you pray for Faith, remember that this church belongs to Jesus and He knows exactly how to care for all of our needs, including needs as relatively insignificant as facility needs. Also in your prayers, praise God that He has given us a home here at South Plaza, which has been a tremendous blessing and for which we are very thankful. The only step that the elders and deacons took was to invite a realtor to begin looking for available buildings in South Anchorage. Therefore, we would also ask you to pray that, if this is God’s path for us going forward, that He would lead us to a suitable building. Finally, pray that, in all things, our trust in Him grows.


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