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Children in Worship

We do not offer a separate worship service for children. We believe that worshipping together is the best way for us to be spiritually nourished. We believe that this is true not just for adults, but for our "Little Theologians" as well.

This places a burden on our pastor and elders and musicians to think about how children experience a worship service at Faith. Our pastor thinks about this as he leads the worship service, as he introduces the sermon, and then preaches. We think about this in the selection and repetition of our hymns.


Yes, but . . .

We understand that children can sometimes be an interruption in a worship service. We also believe that whether we are parents or not, it is good for us to encourage and be patient with all of our fellow worshippers.

Parents, if this is challenging for your family, or if your children need to ease into this arrangement, or if you are having a particularly difficult morning (sometimes Sunday is the hardest day of the week for parents of young children), we have a safe nursery for children (through age 4) during the worship service.

Make use of the worship bulletin

There is a "Little Theologians" page in the worship bulletin to help parents guide their children through the sermon. There is also room for them to draw the theme of the sermon.