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Scripture at Christmas

December 15 2016
December 15 2016


Wondering what Scriptures particuarly relate to the Christmas season? Looking for an effective way to meditate on those passages, specifically? Perhaps it would be helpful to have a reading list for family devotions during Christmas?

For the four Sundays of Advent, as well as Christmas Sunday, our worship services are filled with passages that speak to the glory of the incarnation. We have used some of these passages as a Call to worship, some as an Assurance of Pardon, some as our Confession of Faith. Of course, we have also sung many of these passages in the Advent hymns each Sunday.

I have gathered and arranged, chronologically, the various Scriptures from the gospel narratives that tell the story of the birth of Jesus. In addition, I have selected the various prophetic passages from the Old Testament that directly relate to His birth, and placed these verses appropriately. Finally, interspersed throughout are various references to the incarnation that appear in the rest of the New Testament.

What this is, then, is a 15-page PDF document that is a compilation of scriptural testimony on the dotrine of the incarnation. This includes not only the biblical references, but also the entire Scripture text itself (ESV).

The Birth of Jesus in the Story of Redemption


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