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Missions Conference 2016

August 20 2016
August 20 2016

We are pleased to introduce the 2016 Faith Missions Conference.

The conference theme is Overcoming by the Power of the Gospel, and we are honored to have with us missionaries committed to promoting gospel-centered ministry sustained by indigenous Christians.

James and Jackie Gildard are church planters joining us from France, Julian Zugg is involved in worldwide pastoral training, and Blake Purcell directs several church plants and ministries in Russia (East and West).

These missionaries are uniquely qualified as long-term missionaries serving in very difficult places to proclaim Jesus. They will remind us of the power of the gospel, a gospel of grace that is not only the power of God to overcome unbelief in the world, but also the power of God to comfort and sanctify the followers of Jesus, in any and all circumstances.

Please join us to be refreshed by what God has taught James and Jackie, Julian, and Blake, through their labors for the glory of Christ.

Missions Conference Sessions:

Friday, September 9
6:30pm - 7:00pm: Cookie social
7:00pm - 9:15pm: Missions Sessions

Saturday, September 10
8:30am - 9:00am: Breakfast social (fruit/bagels/donuts)
9:00am - 12:30pm: Missions Sessions

Sunday, September 11
9:30 Sunday School: Blake Purcell
11:00am Worship Service: Julian Zugg

Childcare is provided.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A and personal interaction.

Download a flyer.

All events take place at Faith Presbyterian Church.


Some inormation about our missionary guests:

  • James and Jackie Gildard. James is a PCA ordained minister who is a part of a team doing ministry in South France. The Gildard family serves on a team based in Toulouse , a growing city with a strong technology and aerospace industry and many professionals and college students. The team is working through two evangelical church plants. For more than ten years, the Gildards worked in Marseille where they also supported church planting ministry. The Gildards do all of their work in French, extending the gospel to French people. (Learn more.) Jamie and Jackie's talks will focus on God's calling of His people from among the nations.
  • Julian Zugg. Julian is a trained lawyer (Buckingam, UK) and ordained minister. Having lived all over the world before attending seminary, Julian now works with MINTS International University by taking theological training to pastors and church planters in places as diverse as Belize, Africa, Central Asia, and India. When Julian finds a body of indigenous ministers seeking more pastoral training, he builds a solid, evangelical curriculum through partnerships with seminaries and publishers, and personally guides these men through their studies. Julian helps cultivate gospel ministry among pastors, worldwide. (Learn more). Julian's talks will focus on the missionary’s cross-cultural call in the Great Commission the church's challenge to the cross-cultural call.
  • Blake Purcell. Blake is an ordained minister and founder of the Slavic Reformation Society, an organization that not only plants evangelical churches, but also cultivates ministerial training and interconnectedness between these churches. Through SRS, these churches cooperate in gospel ministry between Western Russia, Eastern Russia, and Central Asia. through the new Reformed Presbyterian Church of Eurasia. Blake moved to Leningrad in 1990 as one of the first evangelical ministers to live in the former Soviet Union after the 1917 Revolution. Blake's talks will focus on Proclaiming and Celebrating the Year of Jubilee.


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