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Discipleship through "Learn Local NW"

January 02 2017
January 02 2017


Our church worked closely with the Northwest Church Planting Network during the process of helping Andrew Allen, and our brothers and sisters in Soldotna, get Redeemer Kenai off the ground. We continue to work closely with the Network, needing all of the assistance we can get as our church becomes a church-planting church.

The Northwest Church Planting Network is made up of PCA churches in our presbytery (Alaska, Idahoe, Oregon, and Washington) who have a heart for chruch planting and who give a significant portion of their local budgets to see churches planted presbytery-wide. The network is currently supporting three Washington church plants, two in Oregon, and one in Alaska (see them here). In addition, there are always projects in process which will launch in one or two years, and there is always a close networking relationship with seminaries so that young men preparing for ministry know that there is a great need for new Reformed, gospel-centered churches in the Pacific Northwest.

Learn Local NW is a formal discipleship program established by the network to help develop local leaders. In their own words . . .

"Learn Local Northwest is a discipleship and leadership development ministry that links on-line seminary level study with local communities through mentor-lead cohorts where students learn together, in-person, right where they live. The Northwest Church Planting Network sponsors Learn Local to help build up church members and future leaders."

This is a ministry tool in which excellent courses from Covenant Theological Seminary become tools for local discipleship and leadership training.

"Under the tutelage of a pastor with subject-matter proficiency and local ministry experience, the Northwest Learn Local students gather with other motivated learners to engage, critique and apply course content in their own settings. They learn where they live so they can live what they learn."

Basically, local churches can build communities of students who not only study rich content together, but also discuss and discover in the context of church ministry. In this way, we can "learn where we live" so that we can "live what we learn." These communities study course material from Covenant under the tutelage of a pastor (like myself) who serves as a local mentor.

If you would like more information, catch me at church or email me and I'll tell you what I know. Probably the best source of information is to visit Learn Local NW and send them a message to let them know you're interested.


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