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God's grace in our suffering

February 26 2018
February 26 2018


I like a lot of the books of David Powlison, who is the executive director of CCEF, the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation in Philadelphia.

ByFaith Magazine has published an excerpt of his latest book, God's Grace in Your Suffering. I haven't read this book yet (it's not even a month old!), but I will. Read the excert to see if it sounds interesting.

Powlison writes,

"... God’s active providence in our affairs is not like Islamic kismet; or que será será; or just being realistic, philosophical, and resigned to life’s hardships. God’s sovereign purposes don’t include the goal of just accepting your troubles. He’s not interested in offering you some cognitive perspective to help get you through a rough patch. He is working so you know him, so you trust him, so you love him."

I would recommend that you seize upon this book if suffering has been an ever-present companion to you lately.

Another favorite of mine on this theme is How Long, O Lord? Reflections on Suffering and Evil, by D. A. Carson. Desiring God hosted a conference led by Carson and you can catch most of the talks here. Last summer, Tony Reinke gathered a list including 18 new titles.


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